Copyright and Attribution for Translated Texts

All translated texts posted on this website fall under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. This means that you are free to copy and redistribute the texts in any format for non-commercial purposes. However, you must give credit by attributing the texts to this website; you may not distribute texts that you have remixed, transformed, or built upon; and you may not use the texts for commercial purposes.

When attributing or citing translated texts from this website, please include the translator’s full name, the title of the page where the text appears, and the URL. For example,

Hannah Barker, “Source: Cali or Theodora?”

Noel Lenski, “Source: Visigothic Manumission Charters,”

Don Wyatt, “Source: Bobali,”

Copyright and Attribution for Images

The images used on this website come from various sources and fall under a range of copyright restrictions. Some are in the public domain, some are under a Creative Commons license, and some are under copyright, used here with the permission of the copyright holder. Information about the source and copyright status of each image is provided in its caption. Please read the caption carefully before using any image from this website.